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Crossword Puzzles

Are you a ham and a cruciverbalist (look it up)?  Then maybe you'll enjoy these.

During 2008 and 09, I constructed ham radio-related crossword puzzles, in the standard style of those in the New York Times and elsewhere, which were published monthly on the ARRL web site's main news page during that period, sometimes alternating with puzzles created by Ward, N0AX.  They no longer seem to be archived on the new ARRL web site (as of spring 2010). Therefore, I'm making them available here for download as printable PDF files. Each one has the solution on the second page so don't print page 2 if you don't want to see it.

These are free for personal use and re-printable with permission for non-commercial purposes (e.g. in a club newsletter). That is, you can't charge anything for them and you can't use them in any printed or Web publication that charges money for a copy or access.  Please attribute them properly to this site.

Thanks to my puzzle testers, reviewers, error-finders, critics:  K1DG, W1JA, W2SQ, W3RQ

Propagation                         29 Oct 2007
Vintage Ham Radio              11 Dec 2007
Chasing DX                         10 Jan 2008
Aerial View                           9 Feb 2008
CQ Contest                         10 Mar 2008
Encoded                             10 Apr 2008
DXpedition Ditties                14 May 2008
Receiver Pathways                4 Jun 2008
Famous Hams                     10 Jul 2008
Alphas and IOTAs                14 Aug 2008
No Towers?                          24 Sep 2008
Phunetics                            25 Nov 2008
Vintage Beginnings              22 Dec 2008
Radiogrammer                     10 Feb 2009
Radiogrammar                     16 Mar 2009
Handles                                6 Apr 2009
Pins                                    22 May 2009
Interface                              22 Jun 2009
Ham Humor, Part 1              15 Jul 2009
Ham Humor, Part 2              10 Aug 2009
Spot Not                               7 Sep 2009
Sport Sort                             6 Oct 2009
Signal Makers                      17 Nov 2009
Fine Business                      16 Dec 2009
Prizes                                  20 Jan 2010 - This one was never actually published on the ARRL site.
Field of Beams                     15 Mar 2014 - Published in the WRTC 2014 issue of NCJ (July 2014)

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